KOJI AONO "Sacrogarden Statement"
Koji Aono

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You might have the memories of landscapes that were not so beautiful or magnificent but have stuck to your mind.

Although you absolutely feel something strange in those landscapes, you don't find anything special even though you take a good hard look at them.

Something strange that you surely feel in the landscapes could be called "tatazumai" in Japanese.

"Tatazumai" is too abstract to be put into words precisely, but you could sometimes capture it as a kind of presence in the photographs.

I think "tatazumai" might arise from the complicated relationships of various factors as follows: the shapes or colors of things lying there, the stories or histories they have, living or previously existing someones' presence, sunshine pouring into the gardens, slight breeze rusting the leaves in the trees, temperature and humidity felt in our bones, each season embracing the whole land, the passage of time all of us floating on etc.

All or parts of them, when combined with and related to each other, might make something new that was not there before.

Photography is one of the rare vehicles that could capture and convey "tatazumai."

A picture could clip just a very little part of time, but it might include the whole time from past to present, even to the future, and I think it might be intimately related to "tatazumai."

[ revised by Hirokazu Taniguchi ]

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